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2014: Rules and Regulations

2014 Vehicle Eligibility and Competition Rules

The purpose of the Calgary Vintage Racing Club (CVRC) is to promote the preservation, restoration and competition of Vintage and Historic sports and racing automobiles in the Calgary area of Alberta. The CVRC and its members support a philosophy which encourages authenticity in racing, rallying and other event formats. There are no prizes other than the camaraderie developed between people with common interests and the great joy of driving a well-prepared automobile at speed. It is not necessary to have an eligible vehicle to be a member, merely an interest in vintage and historic sports and racing cars. These rules are intended to be a guideline. Any member, driver or entrant found to be, attempting to be or deliberately acting outside the spirit of Vintage Racing and the purpose of the Calgary Vintage Racing club may be excluded from participating in CVRC events and activities

Vehicle Eligability

The CVRC's eligibility committee consists of the Technical Director and its appointed members. It is responsible to confirm eligibility of all vehicles presented for competition in the events organized by or sanctioned by CVRC. A request for eligibility of a vehicle may be made in writing through submission of photographs and vehicle data. It may be made at an event by direct presentation of the vehicle to the eligibility committee. Papers describing any period modifications or racing history of the mark of the vehicle which could be queried should be made available. Each approved vehicle will be issued a logbook which is to be presented for a signature at each sanctioned CVRC event Responsibility for authenticity of vehicles, equipment and modifications rests with the person applying for eligibility inspections. The Technical Director will assist in determining the eligibility criteria.


RACE PREPARED VEHICLES: (Roll bars, competition license Nomex suits, helmets etc. required) (Consult with the Tech Director on roll bar rule on pre war Formula cars) These are Sports, Formula, Formula Libra, GT and sedan cars, not newer than 1975. They are prepared as required or as allowed by the rules..

STOCK PRODUCTION RACE:(Roll bars, competition license Nomex suits, helmets etc. required). These are pre 1976 production sports cars or sedans which comply with safety rules but otherwise stock. They must have an "as produced" body with no deletions or modifications. Interiors must be original in appearance. The engine must be the same as original (ie. No cylinder number changes) and modifications are limited to over bores not exceeding manufacturer's specs. Suspensions, shocks, sway bars, brakes (except for linings/pads which are free) must be stock. Wheel and tire size must be appropriate for type and year of vehicle. If in doubt, obtain clarification. This class is limited to a maximum stock engine size of up to 2200 C.C.. Sub classes is up to 1300 C.C. and then to 2200 C.C.

NOVICE 1 and NOVICE 2: Novice class permits the entrant to participate as per attached regulations. No passing is permitted except in designated places on the race course.


EXHIBITION VEHICLES: These vehicles are of historic interest but do not comply with safety rules. These vehicles may only be on the track with a pace car.


RACE:Valid ASN(Canada), FIA, CSSC, SCCA, VMC license or a license from another recognized competition body.

NOVICE 1 and NOVICE2:Current and valid driver's license is required. Passing is only permitted in designated areas.

EXHIBITION:Current and valid driver's license is required. Passing is only permitted in designated areas.

NOTE: All CVRC events require the driver to provide proof of a valid membership to an FIA, VMC or SCCA affiliated club