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Vehicle Categories


Automobiles designed and or built prior to December 31 1940. (Includes all T series MG’s). Note, only sports or racing cars qualify for this category


Automobiles manufactured from January 1 1941 to December 31 1959. As near to their original configuration.. Some allowances apply


Cars manufactured from January 1 1960 to December 31 1969. Can be cars manufactured after this date but must be a continuing and unchanged model not exceeding 1969 specs.


Cars manufactured from January 1 1970 to December 31st 1975 with no year extensions.

Post Classic

Cars manufactured after December 31st 1975. Eligibility for this vehicle category is at the discretion of the CVRC executive. Persons wishing to race a vehicle manufactured after December 31st 1975 shall apply to the club and make a presentation at the regular monthly meeting outlining how and why the proposed vehicle meets the philosophy and spirit of vintage racing. Contact the club president for further details on the application process and to schedule a presentation