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Bob F - 1974 Alfa Romeo

Bob's 1974 Alfa. Bob is an alfa nut. He restores them, drives them on sunny days, road races and now competes in TSD rally's.

Ray P - 1957 Triumph Tr3

No this beautiful race car is not the brain-child of "John Deere" but rather a seriously demented car nut Ray. The car not only looks great but it also runs excellent too. This car is also the defending "Aussie Pursuit" winner from 2007 so look out!

Ad D - 1966 Sunbeam Tiger

One of our regular dueling tigers. Feroucious power, sure footed grip.

Larry P - 1955 Healy 100m

Gorgeous Healy. Larry travels all around flogging his beautiful Healy at various tracks throughout North America. The car boasts a 2600cc motor.

John S - 1969 Ford Gt-40

What can I say? It's a GT40. Its looks fast just sitting in the paddock...and even faster on the track.

Kelly H - 1973 Dodge Challenger

Kelly is a real car nut. Good thing she and Larry got married. Kelly's challenger is a real T/A and is often the front of pack. Kelly was also the winner of the 2007 Edmonton Grand Prix Vintage Invitiational.