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Anthony K - 1970 BMW 2002

Anthony's 1970 BMW 2002 vintage racer. Flares, panasport wheels 4cylinder 200HP motor, Schrick camshaft, billet rockers, weber 45 DCOE carbs, fire system. This car is loud and proud.

Jim C - 1968 Lotus 51B Formula Ford

Lotus 51’s were the first purpose-built Formula Ford racecars. Formula Ford started in England in 1967, spread throughout the world and continues to this day. FF was and still is based on a very tight group of regulations designed to make FF an affordable way to go racing. Most F1 world champions since 1970 started racing cars in Formula Ford.

Dick A - 1966 Sunbeam Tiger

What do you get when you cross a British Sunbeam Alpine and some big Ford V8 power (all 500+ HP from a 302)...A Tiger of course. This is an ecellent example of a british muscle car. Dick's love for Ford's and british cars runs deep so the sunbeam is a perfect fit for him!

Larry H - 1973 Dodge Challenger

Dodge was the last one to the pony car party, but it spent its time wisely, perfecting its entry, the Challenger. The Challenger debuted with an engine lineup that ranged from a docile slant six to the powerful 440 Six Barrel and the awesome 426 Hemi. Other pony cars could only dream of a line up like that.

Bill C - 1970 MGB Roadster

MGB’s were first produced in 1962 and started racing right away. They were raced at Le Mans, The Targa Florio, Sebring, Nurburgring, and The Monte Carlo Rally to name just a few. This particular MGB has had the same owner since 1976 and has been upgraded with a mild camshaft and some suspension tuning.

Bart S - 1966 Triumph GT6

1966 Triumph GT6 Mark I, 1969 Mark II 2-litre 6 cylinder engine (improved head design), triple Weber carbs (45’s), headers, 5-speed Ford Sierra transmission, adjustable rear suspension, fibreglass Le Mans hood and chin spoiler.