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2013 President's Message

Jim Crittenden - President

Welcome to the 2013 Race Season!

As I write this we are already ½ way though the 2013 racing season. Already CVRC members have participated in the Knox Mountain Hill Climb in Kelowna B.C., the BC Historic Motor Races in Mission B.C., and the Spokane Festival of Speed in Spokane Washington.  I was able to attend the events in Mission and Spokane.

Mission was very rainy and that made the racing either very exciting or terrifying, depending on how your car was handling and if you had rain tires.  4 CVRC members participated and luckily all came away from the weekend with their cars in one piece. That’s more than can be said for a few other racers.

Racing in Spokane took place on the weekend following Mission and a few of us who raced at Mission decided to take the week off for a bit of vacation rather than driving back to Calgary. In total we had 8 CVRC cars as well as a few racers that just came down to watch or help out. This was an excellent turnout and, unlike last year, all CVRC cars made it through the weekend without any catastrophic failures. This was the first time I have raced on the Spokane track and once I had some seat time and found my way around, it was a very fun and challenging track. I want to thank all those who went to Spokane and wore their CVRC T-shirts, jackets, hats, etc. One local racer commented to me that “you guys from Calgary are everywhere”.

In the photo you will see my brand new helmet c/w a big chip out of it. This happened on the test day in Spokane when another lotus 51 went off the track in front of me and kicked up a large piece of gravel. Just before it hit me, the rock looked to be about the size of a softball. But in reality it was probably golf ball size. In any case, I was glad I had a helmet on.  In the spirit of vintage racing (it’s supposed to be all about fun!) I asked the driver of the other car, Gerry Snow, to sign my helmet.

Castrol raceway in Leduc will have their road course operational this summer and the CVRC will be participating in two events organized by the Northern Alberta Sports Car Club at the track. July 13 & 14 on the short course and August 24 & 25 on the long course. For a map of the track click on this link:  Castrol Raceway

The August event at Castrol Raceway will be our 18th annual Vintage on the Prairies. We are currently organizing events for this weekend and further information will be available as we get closer to the event. I encourage everyone to come out and race or spectate.

Jim Crittenden, CVRC President.

And here's video of Jim lapping Castrol at VOTP !