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CVRC Lapping Regulations and Procedures

(As condensed from ASN National Lapping Regulations, 2010)

Updated May, 2011

General Regulations

  • The program will be run by CVRC, with priority given to vintage sport and vintage race cars.

  • Maximum cars allowed per lapping event – 20.

  • Lapping to occur one day per race weekend (Sunday), at lunch time break, with one 30 minute session.

  • Event will be advertized by CVRC, and ARCA, with pre-registrations taken by email to CVRC ( Pre-registrations should be in by Thursday prior to a race weekend. CVRC reserves the right to allocate registrations to balance participation from various groups, and if over-subscribed. We will notify you Friday of acceptance for the following Sunday.

  • Cost $65 per session, to be paid in cash at registration on day of event or on ARCA registration at

Driver Eligibility

  • Must have a current provincial driver’s license.

  • Novice drivers (3 or fewer lapping events), or does not hold a valid competition racing license, must be accompanied by an instructor until instructor signs them off to run unaccompanied.

  • Eligible instructors include, CVRC and ARCA members with a valid competition racing license, and WCMA sanctioned performance driving school instructors. Driver to pre-arrange instructor prior to registering.

  • Each novice to affix green triangle to back of vehicle.

  • No drivers under the age of 18.

  • Personal safety requirement:

    • Helmets: FIA 8860-2004, Snell 2000 or newer SA, SFI Foundation 31.1A or 31.2A, British Standards Institution BS 6658-85 type A/FR. Open cars must have full face protection.

    • OEM seats and original equipment seat belts, or replacements must meet FIA or SEI standards. Five or six point racing safety harness is required for all modified vehicles and vehicles equipped with roll cage.

  • Passengers require personal safety equipment equivalent to that used by the driver (including seat belts). Minors can ride as passengers provided: 16 years or older, and vehicle driven by parent or guardian.

  • Drivers must register at CVRC Tent prior to 10:45 AM, fill out waiver and vehicle tech form, and attend drivers meeting at 11:15 AM (CVRC Tent).

Vehicle Eligibility

  • Production Vehicles:

    • Valid provincial vehicle registration.

    • DOT approved tires in good shape.

    • Brakes in good working order, including emergency brake.

    • Competent body: clean and tidy appearance.

    • Secured battery and on board self-starter, ability to idle for prolonged periods without overheating.

    • Hubcaps, centre caps, wheel disks and rings not bolted to wheels must be removed.

    • Must have coolant and crankcase breather tubes connected to catch tanks.

    • It is strongly recommended that open top and convertible vehicles have rollover protection.

    • Subject to CVRC tech approval and driver must complete vehicle tech form.

  • Modified Cars

    • Vintage race cars and kit cars.

    • Subject to CVRC tech inspection and driver must complete vehicle tech form.

  • Excluded Vehicles

    • Open wheel vehicles of all types.

    • None vintage race cars; closed or open wheel.

Lapping Rules

  1. All drivers must attend Drivers Meeting on day of event.

  2. Vehicles must pair up in staging area in the paddock no later than 11:45, novice drivers at the rear.

  3. Upon direction of Lapping Coordinator proceed into pits and line up single file and stop awaiting direction to enter track at pit exit.

  4. Flags (pit exit and three locations around track):

    1. Green: used to start or re-start a session.

    2. Red: safely come to a stop and then proceed slowly to next flag station to receive further instruction.

    3. Black Flag: informs driver(s) to proceed to pit area and await further instructions.

    4. Black and White Chequered: indicates the end of a lapping session, proceed around track and exit to the staging area/paddock.

  5. Passing:

    1. Allowed only on front and back straights, and only between designated pylons. Passing on both straights to occur on east side of driving line.

    2. No passing allowed on corners.

    3. Drivers being passed must acknowledge they are “allowing” a pass with a raised arm, and must stay on the racing line.

    4. Exit of track to paddock or pits: indicate intent by raising arm out window.