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Calgary Vintage Racing Club:About Us

Reason To Be

The purpose of the Calgary Vintage Racing Club (CVRC) is to promote the preservation, restoration and competition of Vintage and Historic sports and racing automobiles in the Calgary area of Alberta. The CVRC and its members support a philosophy which encourages authenticity in racing, rallying and other event formats. There are no prizes other than the camaraderie developed between people with common interests and the great joy of driving a well prepared automobile at speed. It is not necessary to have an eligible vehicle to be a member, merely an interest in vintage and historic sports and racing cars.

Vehicle Eligability

The CVRC has a Technical Advisor who is responsible to confirm eligibility of all vehicles presented for competition at events organized or sanctioned by CVRC. Requests for eligibility are made in writing (forms available) stating the vehicle’s data and specifications with a current photograph to the Technical Advisor. Responsibility for the authenticity of the vehicle, equipment and modifications rests with person presenting for eligibility or competition. The Technical Advisors will assist you with any questions you may have on the CVRC eligibility regulations or regulations of other Vintage race organizations. All makes of vehicles are welcome


The annual dues of $75.00 is submitted to the CVRC Treasurer with a membership application. Memberships include exclusive events entry, reduced event fees and up to 2 voting privilege. CVRC is associated with WCMA and F.I.A (ASN Canada). You have the opportunity to obtain their recognized Competition License through CVRC.